A full interview loop at any of the tech companies like Amazon, Facebook, Google, Uber involve 3 behavioral, situational or leadership principles interviews out of the 5 rounds of interviews.

In general the TPM role has gained significant prominence, in recent years and there are a tonne of opportunities. But what most people fail to understand is that though there is immense number of openings they are generally limited to 20-30 companies with 5 to 7 companies owning 80% of the TPM market. So if you interview at Amazon or Google or Facebook and don't make it you loose a significant % of the TPM opportunities right away.

This is why preparing and doing mock interviews really come in handy. We have seen that candidates who do mock interview has a significantly higher success rate.

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I always tell people who reach out to me that preparation is key. Knowing your blind spots and getting unfiltered feedback helps you as a candidate to get the best offer and your most desired employer. Candidates who do mock interviews get multiple offers from companies and that puts them in the drivers seat to decide which employer or team they would like to join.

Another side effect that most people do not realize is that the seniority and the pay you get offered even when you do well at an interview depends on how well you do at an interview. If you get an 7 on 10 thats good but if you get a 9 on 10 then you get a better level and are in a totally different pay band.

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  System Design: Mock Interview 1 Hour + feedback
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Frequently Asked Questions

How does this work?
As soon as you purchase this you get a link to Schedule your 1 hour system design interview.

How soon can I schedule the interview?
In general, we can accommodate requests within 24 to 48 hrs.

Do I get a recording of the interview?
Yes, Feedback will be verbal plus you will receive a video of the session.
That way you can re-evaluate your-self.

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